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Cuba Pavilion

Data inizio: 10 May 2019

Data fine: 24 November 2019

A Cautionary Environment brings together installations, paintings, and interdisciplinary works on allegorical themes of the present. The invited artists, Alejandro Campins, Ariamna Contino, Alex Hernández, and Eugenio Tibaldi, discuss the relationship between man and the environment. Campins does so portraying lands where bunkers symbolize
hidden threats. Ariamna reflects on how the resources of the environment have contributed to the development of mankind, and proposes to return
what has been taken from nature to create an artwork. Alex is determined to exploit the space as much as he can, discovering, in such an attempt,
that human intelligence has a powerful rival in the natural world. Finally, Tibaldi focuses on the symbolic places where social ideals were advanced.

Norma Rodríguez Derivet
Margarita Sánchez Prieto

Tuesdays to Sundays
11.00 am – 4.00 pm
Closed on Mondays
(except May 13th, September 2nd and November 18th 2019)

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